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All alone

Hi,my name is latisha and i was diagnosed with ra when is was 26. Now that I'm 41 it's much harder to do the daily stuff. I just finally got my health insurance back after a year without any medicine. So it's even tougher. I am married but my husband the love of my life is incarcerated and I'm out here trying to make it with out him
He is a great support but in the end I'm all on my own. I dont think he really understand the amount of pain i have in a day. He wants me to keep pushing myself to do more each day. I know he means well.I work a full time job as a certified nurse assistant and I don't get paid very vmuch so everyday is a struggle to get up and get going if I don't work I can't make my bills. I'm just really lost, frustrated, tired and tired of being sick. I could always take care of myself now I live with my husband's grandparents and they are a great help as far as a place to live but can't help much more there 85 and 86 there self.

  1. Latisha76,

    Thanks so much for posting in our forums and for being so open and honest about your life. We are so sorry to hear all you are going through and on top of it, living with RA pain and fatigue at such a young age.

    You are not alone when you are here, there are others in the community that may share the way you are feeling.
    We are glad that your husband's grandparents are supportive, if you need anything from us please don't hesitate to reach out.
    We are glad to have you here!
    Lauren ( Team Member)

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