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Ankle replacement

I was diagnosed in 1990 with RA. After running the gamut of what meds would work for me, the doc decided one of them that I needed was prednisone . I don't remember the dosage, but I just asked him to please keep my fingers from deforming as my maternal grandmothers had for most her life. I was 45 years old.
Here we are on the almost eve of my 7th decade and I'm still on prednisone ...3mg tablets a day. It has reared its ugly head in the bone on bone of my left knee. Orthopedic doc told me to sit in a wheelchair for 3 months and pain will did!!!
Three weeks later I got that same pain in my ankle (same leg). Went back to doc, but of course had to see the ankle doc, not the knee doc!! She tells me it's bone on bone on both sides of ankle and best answer is replacement. I've never heard of anyone having an ankle replacement .
Are there any out there???? I'd love to hear from you.

  1. Hi Gail: Your post is a few months old, so you may have already made the decision to move forward with surgery. If so, I'd love to hear an update on the procedure and how you're doing. Haven't had my ankle replaced (just hip, knee and shoulder), but it may be in my future. Hope you're doing well.

    1. I also would love to hear since my ankle is horrible!

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