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How attentive is your rheumatologist?

How attentive is your (my??) rheumatologist?

I just had my first appointment with a rheumatologist (after my PCP took a blood test that showed an RA marker). All he did was examine my hands, where most of my pain resides, dismiss my concerns about an upcoming knee surgery, prescribe an expensive blood test that is supposed to take six weeks to return. I don't have another appointment until mid-September, and I feel awful. Tired, dizzy, nauseous at times and really depressed. Any advice? Maybe I already need a new rheumatologist?

  1. I am blessed with a very caring and attentive rheumatologist. I am an RN so I am picky. If he was not caring and did not spend time listening, I would leave. He spent an hour with me when I was first diagnosed.

    1. My rheumatologist who diagnosed me and I believe saved me was wonderful, caring. Unfortunately we had to move. I have never had another like him. It is all numbers, in and out. Maybe cannot deal with complex pt feelings.

      1. I am sorry you had to leave your original rheumatologist, seaberry. I know that must have been very difficult. Thank you for sharing. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Hi warriorwoman. Sorry you are feeling unheard. You are, absolutely, entitled to a second opinion. For some comparison, you may be interested in this article from one of our contributors on what to expect at a first rheumatologist visit: It may also be useful to be prepared with questions for what you want to know. This article from another contributor offers thoughts on this: It is good that you are asking questions about your care - no one will look out for you like you. This community is here for you. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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