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I had a horrible year with Humira. I got shingles, a full facial infection, appendicitis, slow, healing surgical wounds from the appendicitis, and unspecified gross hematuria. I need to start looking at different medications and was thinking about Rinvoq. Community members taking revoke, how do you like it? And are you experiencing a lot of side effects?

  1. Thank for sharing and reaching out. I hope our community shares their personal experiences with you. In addition to feedback you receive here and in addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. @ Janeil Whitworth I am considering asking my docs about IVIG to help increase my immunity. My RA drug is Rituxan. And I am also experiencing constant respiratory infections. I don’t want to have to choose between the two. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Hi . If you do decide on IVIG, we would love to hear about your experience with it. Not many members have written about it. Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Hi . I can't personally speak to this combination, but I want to share with you this article where the authors, after looking at current research, present a concept paper on potentially using the combination of rituximab and intravenous immunoglobulin to actually reverse autoimmunity and put conditions like RA into remission: I have not idea on any findings, but it clearly indicates a belief that the combination of these two treatments may be beneficial for those with autoimmune conditions. Your doctors should be able to provide you additional information on potential benefits and drawbacks. Wishing you the best and would love to hear about what your doctor has to say if you have this discussion. Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. Remicaide 10 yr, xeljanz 8yrs, Humira 1 yr. Shingles 4times, Lyme disease, mono, 5 UTI a yr. Cellulitis, just got out of a week stay in hospital with sepsis, pneumonia, and a kidney infection. 5 different antibiotics!!! Off all of it!!!

      1. Sorry to hear it. Biological have worked well for me but, like you, there have some material downsides:
        1. Arava - worked like a miracle. I was RA symptom free. But then infections started and while it was never proven…exceeding character limit.

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