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Burning/Itchy Eyes & Headache

I'm 7 weeks into Enbrel and I understand it can make you susceptible to illness. I never get sick (other then the obvious), but I woke up this morning and my head feel likes a watermelon and my eyes feel puffy, burn/itch and are red. Could this be related to RA? I feel lousy--had to take the day off from work.

  1. Hi kingkatekong! I am sorry you aren't feeling so great today. If you haven't done so already, I would call your doctor and let him know what's going on. While it isn't uncommon for people with RA to experience eye issues, I can't say for certain if your symptoms are RA-related or not. Here is some information on the safety and potential side effects of Enbrel -- Obviously, something is going on in your body and I think your best bet would be consulting your physician. Best of luck and I hope you start feeling better very soon! Best Erin, Team Member.

    1. I know RA symptoms vary greatly from individual to individual, and as I understand a "flare" is defined as a period of increased disease activity. Is it possible to have a flare predominantly characterized by profound and debilitating fatigue and not as much joint pain? Also, how long can I expect a flare to last? If you experience a flare does that indicate that the medication is not working effectively?

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