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COVID-19 Vaccine side effects with RA

I am questioning whether to get the vaccine because of the side effects. I already have blood clots and a bad congested cough as a result of RA.

  1. Hello @ha-y-ngrl . I totally understand your concern about the relationship between the side effects of the vaccine and your RA. But for your own safety, we can't necessarily advise you on what would be best for your particular situation. Have you spoken with your rheumatologist about it? It is certainly worth at least a phone call, or better an appointment if you feel comfortable going out.
    I can speak to my personal experience with the vaccine- I didn't have any issues with it, but I also had Covid back during the Christmas holidays before the vaccine was available, so my experience is different.
    We do have some resources here that are regularly updated on this ever-developing topic that you might find helpful.
    Please speak with your doctor and let us know what you decide, I know many people are simultaneously leery of the side effects, yet hopeful for things to return to "normal." Thank you for being a part of our community and I hope you are able to get some good news from your doctor! -Leanne, Team Member

    1. Thank you for posting this information and putting up this thread on covid and RA. I too am very afraid of the vaccine. I feel so bad most days lately as meds are not working at they should. I don't think I could deal with any bad side effects from the vaccine. The whole situation is very stressful and depressing to me.

  2. I wouldn't recommend it. I've been flaring for almost 4 months since my vaccine shot. I never had a ra flare last this long. only thing that helps is Prednisone.

    1. , ugh! I am so sorry you are dealing with a long flare! I hope it ends soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. thanks Erin

  3. To
    This is going to confuse you. Everybody is different. I inject the biologic Enbrel once a week on Mondays. Last year when I got the elderly flu shot, I had a RA flare so bad I couldn't walk for several days.
    I asked my Rheumatologist, who is employed by Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, what to do. I have had him for a physician for at least 25 yrs. He said to get the vaccine. I mean, what is the alternative especially now that the more contagious Delta variant has taken over. I got the Moderna shot a few months ago. I am a 74 year old female with severe RA that I have had for over 35 years. The only side effect I had was a sore arm for a few days with both shots. NO FLARES! Try to stay safe, and let us know your decision. Please remember, the people that are unvaccinated are ending up in the hospital.

    1. I just spoke with my niece who was vaccinated. She got covid twice after being vaccinated. It is just so confusing as what to do. I've talked with other friends who were vaccinated and felt very bad for days. Others who also got covid after being vaccinated.

    2. I've known a few people who had a sore arm. I've known a couple who felt really sick for a few days. The breakthrough cases aren't what you should be worried about. I haven't heard of anybody who got the vaccine actually winding up dead or in the hospital. That's what the vaccine seems to really prevent. I got it.

  4. After my second shot, I was achy, with a headache and fatigue. It was the same reaction I had to my second shingles shot. I chose to believe if I was having a reaction it meant it was working!

    1. , I hope those symptoms didn't last too long! Everyone seems to react a bit differently and I hope being vaccinated offers you some reassurance and extra protection! Best, Erin, RheumatoidArthritis.

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