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What does this sound like to you?

Four days After the covid vaccine (may be coincidence) I got muscle weakness/tightness but I can function fine, tendon pain in forearm, roving mild joint pain throughout body and terrible fatigue going on 7 weeks now.

Ana, sed rate, ra factor are all negative. Crp is 1.0 and eta protein was borderline at .2.

PCP says No arthritis,lupus etc but I am going to a rheumatologist for confirmation. What do these symptoms sound like to you?

  1. I am sorry this has happened to you. It must be so difficult. We are not able to address direct medical questions. I think you are on the correct path by consulting doctors. We are just not medically trained and even if we were we would never be able to examine you

    1. ok, thank you anyways!

    2. Wishing you some answers and relief ahead. Glad you have an appointment to get checked out. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article on how RA is diagnosed may be helpful to you: Best, Kelly, Team Member

  2. Thanks Kelly. The weird thing is I feel like my energy is coming back after two months. But still feeling weakness in limbs. Hopeful though. It’s so hard when you are sick and everyone thinks it is simply being tired or everyday aches.

    1. , I'm glad you're feeling better! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Hi and . There have been studies that found that COVID vaccines can increase activity with some inflammatory markers and potentially cause flares for those with inflammatory autoimmune conditions. I found this particular study interesting in that, while not specifically looking at RA, it found greater increases in inflammatory markers from the AstraZeneca vaccine compared to the mRNA vaccines (although increases with both):,Discussion,markers%20compared%20to%20mRNA%20vaccination. For everyone out there, I do want to note this guidance from the American College of Rheumatology on COVID-19 vaccinations, with the most recent update on February 2, 2022: Best, Richard ( Team)

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