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Question from the community: what dishwashing gloves do you recommend?

My hand has ulnar drift and I cannot find any gloves that fit, even in size large. Does anyone know of what kind I could buy?

  1. Hoping that some community members can chime in with their suggestions or tips for this. Some brands carry extra large (19") gloves that may be large enough to accommodate your ulnar drift. A quick Google search pulled up a few brands that may work for you! I hope this helps. - Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Hi, I am new here but thought, as long as you don't need gloves that go to mid arm, a consideration might be nitrile or vinyl exam gloves. I used to work in the dental field and still use those to this day for cleaning etc around the house. They are much more flexible and form forgiving on the hand than dishwashing gloves.

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