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Do I have fibromyalgia or RA?

Fibromyalgia or RA? My diagnosis was "almost RA" based on high CRP and ANA but doctors are still unsure. My main symptom is that my both wrists hurts so much. But I'm also sensitive when someone touch my chest, arms, back, or ribs. What's your opinion? Thank you!

  1. Hi Deamin. Hopefully some community members will share their experiences. For your protection, we cannot give medical advice over the internet. Autoimmune conditions, like RA, are often prone to comorbidities. As this article from our editorial team discusses, it is not uncommon for fibromyalgia to occur with RA: Concerning the RA diagnosis, getting an RA diagnosis can often be difficult - the tests don't often tell the whole story. This article gives an overview of the diagnostic process: Wishing you the best and hope you get some answers soon. Richard ( Team)

    1. Im still in the diagnoising process but my personal opinion is i have both. From everything im reading so many of these autoimmune diseases overlap or are so similar to each other that diagnoising is difficult. Good luck to you and hope you find a doctor to find you some relief.

      1. Hi Deamin. There are several tests out there for RA. One that is very helpful in people whose other tests are negative is the Vectra DA. Many of us have comorbidities. Be honest with your doctor. Explaining symptoms is sometimes difficult. If you explain your pain in relationship to your daily activities, then the doctor gets a better idea. For example, most days, I can brush my teeth, but I can't walk to the mailbox, and I can't fix a meal. So glad you reached out. Hopefully you will get some answers! Encouraging hugs! Mary Sophia ( Team)

        1. Hi Deamin. Many of us have comorbid diseases. I have RA and fibromyalgia, and it is difficult to tell which is which. Richard gave you some great links. In addition, the Vectra DA test may give specific answers for RA when other tests have not. 30% of RA patients are seronegative. Make sure to let your doctor know of your symptoms in relation to how they affect your daily living. Please know you can always reach out here. Encouraging hugs. Mary Sophia ( Team)

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