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What doctors do you tell you have RA?

Is there literature for doctors on patients with RA? I don't know who I need to tell about my condition. Yesterday at the dentist, the dentist ranted about the inflammation in my gums around a certain crown. He said I needed to do all I could to reduce the inflammation in my gums. I finally looked at him and said, "If I knew how to fully reduce the inflammation in my body, I would be 30 pounds lighter and would have no auto-immune disease." When I explained I had RA he looked at me confused. Can teeth be affected by this disease, since they too are rooted in the bone? I've been diagnosed for 2 years and am just beginning to feel how this is going to change my life.

  1. Yes, please absolutely tell ALL of your doctors (and dentists and physical therapists and all other healthcare providers) that you have RA and what treatment plan you're on. RA affects the entire body and both the disease and some of the treatments can make you more susceptible to other conditions like infection. RA patients sometimes find they have to educate their doctors about the disease and the treatment impacts. It's important that your healthcare team is aware of your situation.

    1. Hi lulu9898,

      Thank you for reaching out! I agree with Carla that it is very important to tell all your physicians about your Rheumatoid Arthritis. As she stated, it affects the entire body and doctors need to treat you accordingly.

      I thought you might like this article about the relationship with RA and teeth:

      If you have anymore questions please don't hestitate to ask and if you ever need an ear, our community is always open!

      ~Monica ( Team)

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