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Does this sound like flare up? What should I do

I will take any advice you can share, no matter how small. Im not diagnosed - but had blood test taken today. Think I am having flare up. Does this sound like a flare up? :

• 2 years ago starting getting extra pain in bad joints, which led me to revisit old sport injuries, and need surgery for torn labrums and torn ligaments that were discovered as a result. At the same time, I started getting random psoriasis on the skin. I lost 20lbs of muscle mass because I gave up weightlifting and mostly just do yoga stretching, it seems its all my body can tolerate. I’ve been terribly fatigued, yet always restless, depressed.

• 6 months ago, RIGHT hip swelling inside, xrays showed impingement.

• 3 months ago, pain and discomfort made me disconnect from life and society so badly that I literally quit my job and broke up with my girlfriend.

• week ago, the LEFT hip started feeling warm.

• 2 days ago, both hips, my lower back, and my shoulder all feel warm and swollen inside, like there is heated gravel inside. Sitting and standing still are painful. Walking and laying down provide some comfort. I don’t want to move, yet I feel squirmy. After explaining to my mom that how I feel, she tells me she and her mom both had RA. I started looking up what RA is.

• 1 day ago, I felt like I was on fire(my joints - both hips, my lower back, and my right shoulder feels hot while the left shoulder feels warm and tingly. Trying to not feel emotional, but feels like I’m losing my mind?

**Is this what an RA flare up feels like?!?!?!?**

• Morning, I felt ok for the first 2 hours , then by noon its like someone started me on fire. Also today, I got a lucky and found quick appointment with my doctor, he ordered RA blood test and I started a prednisone pack a few hours ago.

Something is wrong with my body. So confused. I have always been a mentally well put together person, and a fined tuned athlete - but in am matter of 2 years, snow balled into a cripple like I’m on the verge of a psychotic emotional meltdown with joints on fire. I don’t think the pain is in my head.?!?!

**Does this this sound like RA? I don’t know what to do! How soon does Prednisone kick in? I feel like some joints are on fire, some are just warm with mild pain, some symmetry, but also some not. Can anyone give me a pointers? This is my first flare up and I am trying to research and educate myself while feeling like on fire. Should I start eating Paleo and dosing high on Omega 3s? should I take a day off from stretching and walking? Should I lay in bed all day? cold baths?? Anything advice for dealing with my first flare up? Its very lonely, I don’t know how to share this information with people without sounding like a crazy person.

  1. Hi . WE are not medical experts, so we can't give you concrete feedback about your symptoms, but the fact that you developed psoriasis while experiencing these symptoms makes me wonder whether you should also be evaluated for psoriatic arthritis. PsA can be very difficult to diagnose and there are often no clues in the bloodwork. One type of RA, seronegative RA, also presents with normal bloodwork. Regardless of your test results, I would insist that your doctor refer you to a rheumatologist. If your doctor refuses, you might want to get a second opinon. If it is RA or PsA, the right medication can be lifechanging. Here is an article about PsA from our sister site,, that you might find helpful: I hope this helps and that you get answers and relief soon. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I second this. We can't give medical advice specifically but if it was me, between the psoriasis and the symptoms it would definitely be worth a visit to the rheumatologist. DPM

  2. as Lori said, we are not medical experts and cannot give you advice on your symptoms, but I'm glad to hear that you've been able to see the doctor to start running tests to get some answers. It can be very lonely and worrying dealing with new and worsening symptoms, so please know that this community is here for you. And, when speaking with your doctor about how you're feeling physically, don't forget to share how you're feeling mentally and emotionally as well. Oftentimes when dealing with chronic pain mental/emotional wellbeing gets put on the back burner, yet it is just as important to address. So, if you haven't already, I would encourage you to let your doctor know. Also, while I don't know whether or not you're experiencing a flare, I am linking an article here with some community tips on what they find helpful when flaring (in case something mentioned sounds appealing to you). I'm also sharing some ideas for managing pain from community members. If you're comfortable, please keep us posted with what you find out and how you're doing, and, feel free to reach out here anytime. -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

    1. this is all very useful. thank you

    2. , this is very useful information. thank you

  3. I'm sorry to hear your story of the horrific flare! I'm glad, though, that others in this thread have provided words of encouragement and support. I hope you are able to find an exceptional rheumatologist and get the right care for your needs. Good luck and feel better soon!

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