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Early symptoms

Hi all, I’ve been having some symptoms, and because my mom had rheumatoid arthritis, I am concerned that I might be getting it now too. Before I go to the doctor and spend hundreds of dollars on tests, I thought I’d ask all of you, the experts, if my symptoms might match up with your experience of the early disease. First, my shoulders are aching, and I cannot lift them all the way up from a sideways position. The joints at the base of my thumb where it connects to my wrist sometimes feel like they’re popping out of joint and they hurt. I also am waking up with numb fingers, and I am developing carpal tunnel. My knees and hips are also aching as well as my neck. It seems to happen symmetrically all over my body. Of course my fingers hurt, but they are not where the Worst pain is which makes me hope what I have isn’t rheumatoid. I just can’t think what else it could be, and I am not finding anything very helpful either. One other thing that makes me think this could be rheumatoid is when a joint is sore it gives off a bit of heat. Does this sound like the early onset for any of you? I would sure appreciate any insight you could give me and thank you so much. Best, Wyoming girl

  1. Hi, ! First off, I am sorry you are dealing with this level of pain and stiffness. Second, we can't provide medical advice or diagnoses, for your safety. I would definitely talk with your physician (if you haven't already done so) about what you are experiencing. Your stiffness could be related to osteoarthritis, RA, or something else entirely.

    While I know it stinks to have to spend money on testing, it may be the best route. A relatively simple blood test can start to give you and your physician some direction. Here's some information on the testing that may be involved when checking for RA -- And here's some information on the more common early warning signs of RA --

    I would give your physician a call and maybe see if just getting some bloodwork done is an option for you. It definitely sounds like something is goin on within your body that should be addressed. I do hope you are able to get some clear answers very soon! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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