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Fatigue & Stimulants

I'm meeting with my PCP to discuss stimulants to help with fatigue/fog that's now affecting my productivity at work. Would love to hear about other people's thoughts and successful treatments. My rheumatologist is suggesting possibly changing from Methotrexate to Arava to help. I'd previously been on methotrexate at a higher dose without any fatigue effects and haven't researched Arava. I take Vitamin D so I don't think there's a deficiency there. What would you do?

  1. Hi Bonnieb~

    It can be very difficult to find the right combination between multiple medications - particularly when they are being prescribed by multiple doctors! Unfortunately it is often a case of trial and error. If at all possible, you may want to see if your PCP and rheumatologist will discuss your case directly. Perhaps they can arrive at a suggestion jointly. If they won't communicate directly, you may be able to help the process by taking notes at your appointments. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your doctors, as they are meant to be members of the team working to get you feeling as good as possible!

    Best of luck!

    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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