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Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

  1. Shoes made by under armor. I have real problems with my feet and they seem to be the only shoe I can stand to wear all day.

    1. I do have a favorite pair of shoes: three-inch heels, cutaway vamps, just gorgeous. Of course I can't wear them any more. Right now most of my shoes have a "Clarks" label in them and are more comfortable than stylish. Sigh. My closet of high heels is one of the things I miss most about having RA and resulting hip/knee replacements.

      1. Thanks and for your recommendations! True that "favorite" and "wearable" are often two different things. One of many tough adjustments. I've seen under armor shoes but never knew how they were. Glad they work for you, !

        I wanted to share this article, as it has some tips from other members about foot problems and possible solutions, including shoes:

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