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What exercises can help with the finger joints?

  1. HR4MBA - I saw several pages of hand exercises when I looked online. But one I saw that looked great was from MyHealthAlberta.Ca it is well illustrated.

    I also saw a page from Healthline

    I have not used any of these but perhaps they will help out.

    rick - moderator

    1. Hi !

      I saw that you posted a question 3 months ago regarding, "What exercises can help with finger joints".
      I am new to the team. Not new to RA though, I was diagnosed a little over 16 years ago.
      I see that my team member Lawrence "Rick" sent you a couple links to some hand exercises. I have a lot of experience with hand exercises and wanted to see how you are doing?
      Our community would love to hear back from you. Just Keep Swimming... Lynn Marie, Team Member.

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