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Finger joints

Hello, I believe I've had RA for some time now but the blood work finally came back positive in May. I've been having the typical flares, but I've noticed now that in two of my fingers, middle finger on left hand, thumb on right hand,the knuckle joints are always hurting and that it's kind of numb, with some type of knot like things. It's not something you can see quite well, but I know it is there. My thumb knuckle doesn't really bend as it use to and I know my knuckles are bigger/swollen than they use to be. What I'm wondering if anyone knows if this could be those RA nodules? I was so hoping I'd not get any of those. Does anyone have any photos of the nodules when they're just beginning please? I haven't been to a Rheumatologist yet and it looks like it will be some time before my insurance can find one for me. Thanks.

  1. Hi Dixie, Those could be a number of things including nodules, cysts, or just plain swollen joints. It would be best to speak to your doctor about what's going on so they can accurately diagnose and treat accordingly. Hopefully you can find a good rheumatologist and soon.

    1. Thanks so much for your reply Dr. Andrew! Your time is greatly appreciated. While I have been waiting awhile to get a rheumatologist, I can report today they have found me one! I can hardly wait to get my first visit.

      1. That's exciting! I hope that your first appointment goes well and you get on a treatment plan. The standard of care from the American College of Rheumatology now is to treat early and aggressively. Make sure to have a list of questions. Your first appointment should be longer than the usual 15 minute follow-up so take time to learn all you can, get a good exam, talk about lab tests, and discuss treatment options. Hang in there as sometimes it takes trying a number of treatment options to find the best combination. Keep us posted!

        1. Thanks so much and I certainly will follow-up. Never thought I'd say I can hardly wait to see a doctor (No offense) it's just today fingers, shoulders, and feet are swollen. Otherwise, I'm well and blessed. =) Have a good evening.

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