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Frustration Friday (Judgement Free Vents, Rants, & Open Discussion)

Need to just get something off your chest about RA? We get how frustrating managing RA can be. This is a place to talk about it. We can make this a weekly thread if it's helpful.

  1. Hey RA, just give me a vacation day! Sometimes I relate RA to being in labor. I remember laboring with my first baby and thinking, "If I could just skip one contraction, I could face the next ones so much better." But the contractions just keep coming. RA pain is way different than labor. But there are times I think, "If I could just skip one day of pain, I could face the next ones so much better." Jo

    1. I can so relate. Right now I'm so overloaded with work and personal commitments/chores that I really need to clone myself. I keep thinking: If only I could sleep 8 straight hours a night for a few nights in a row, it'd do much to energize me. The reality is that I'm not flitting around town doing frivolous stuff. And it's just run of the mill stuff - everything I do is essential and it's nothing extraordinary at all. I'm just tired. Frankly, I've felt this way ever since the Covid booster back in early September. Bloodwork doesn't point to anything new that's haywire. So what else could it be?
      I'm tired of being run down. I need a couple vacation days, too. And a clone.

      1. I am so sorry this is happening. I know how tough it is when our medication or routine or whatever is not working. I suggest that you consider calling your doctor to discuss this. I wonder if you might need to discuss a different type of medication? It is just a thought. I wish you the very best. I am hopeful it will be something simple............. rick

    2. Thanks, Rick. Honestly, I think this has nothing to do with the RA because my joints are doing well....the OA flares when it's wet outside though. I truly believe the covid injections denigrated my immune system which is causing the exhaustion.

      1. Thanks so much. Luckily the rain has stopped in CA so for now the OA pain has subsided for me. But I still need a clone and a daily nap.

      2. I am so glad things are better. I am also doing a little better, our temperature hit 40 today. Whoo Whoo !!!!

    3. I don't want to have RA. A little over a year ago I was doing good, or I thought so. I can look back and see signs. It just seems like one day I woke up to RA. There always seems to be one thing or another! I am currently waiting for see a G.I. specialist for the first time. So many problems with my G.I. tract now. How did this whole thing happen?! If only I could go back!

      1. So sorry. Yes it creeps up. I had a trigger in high school but after my son was born, apparently that triggered. You see, we probably have had it but a trauma to the body triggers. When I had my son, got two types of bacteria, high fever etc. So that’s what the “correct” doc that diagnosed me explained.
        You just hang in there. Is it easy? No! When your body is telling you something, go with it. Take care.

      2. I feel you! I don’t want it either. I was diagnosed almost a year ago and I hate RA every day. Everything that happens to my body, I roll my eyes and say “stupid RA!”

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