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Before diagnosis, did anyone think that you were going insane?

I have not been diagnosed with RA but my Dr warned me after a blood work up about 4 yrs ago to keep an eye on my body. I had emergency hysterectomy in 2015 with a PE complication that kept me on a blood thinner for over a year. Now my body feels like its fighting inside for which part of my body can cause the most pain for me. I feel sometimes that this is all made up and all in my head. Is this normal? All signs point to RA but the realization that it just may be my new life is terrifying. Did anyone else go through this while waiting for tests? Why do I feel insane? My body is like like torcher chamber, trapped in pain throughout my body, mind and soul.

  1. Oh i am going thru the same thing. It's maddening to talk to the physician and they tell you well your lab doesnt show anything. Yet you know your own body and have the pain with no explanation.

    1. Uh yeah! My husband thought I was a hypochondriac. I knew something was not right but had strange symptoms. I saw a neurologist for "muscle problems" which led me to have labs drawn. My labs sent me to a rheumatologist. I used to explain away the fatigue, pain and stiffness. I always found a reason or excuse for how I was feeling. I am still seronegative for some of the routine RA labs but my X-rays showed the diagnosis. Hang in there. There are a zillion different stories for folks with rheumatic disorders. I hope you feel less "crazy" now. Dig into the articles and comments. You will find that there are other folks with a similar story although the details are varied have walked in your path. They share their strengths, weaknesses, hopes and encouragement here. It has helped me. Peace to you!

      1. Hey ! I am so sorry you feel like this but as you can see you are not the only one!! (I've been diagnosed for 8 years and still sometimes feel like it's all in my head). I always like to say that we know our bodies best and even when others can't see it or don't understand it we need to advocate for ourselves. If you don't think something is right in your body then it needs to be checked out. I definitely understand this almost panic about the pain because I feel it too (most of the time, really!)

        It's really important to have doctors in your corner and to continue to fight for tests, preventative treatments, etc.

        As others have suggested definitely take a look around the site (and Facebook page) we have a supportive community that loves to share! Please reach out if you need to, we're here to support you! ~Monica

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