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Can you help me find a good rheumatologist?

I have recently been diagnosed with Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am uncomfortable with the Rheumatologist. Can anyone recommend a good rheumatologist in the Longview-Ryler Texas area? I am scared and desperate for answers.

  1. Prettywoman513,

    Thanks for asking this question in our Q&A. We are sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and glad you reached out. I know you are scared and desperate for answers, you are not alone in your RA journey and we are here to support you.
    Our site does have some helpful information that can be a great outlet for you when feeling this way.

    Since you are looking for a Rheumatologist in your area, I thought this link in finding a rheumatologist near you would be helpful:
    As you try to find the best one, Nan(a contributor here) lays out some helpful tips in this video, that may be valuable.

    Additionally, when you do go to meet a Rheumatologist these articles can provide you with some framework on what to ask and how to prepare.

    Reach out to us anytime.
    Warmly, Lauren ( Team)

    1. Thank you so much for answering. I went on my chart online. It said i had Severe Seropositive RA, I am excited to read the links that you gave me.

      Once again, thank you. You gave me hope.

  2. Prettywoman513,

    Like I said, do reach out to us anytime.
    We are glad to give you hope.
    Best, Lauren ( Team)

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