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Hashimoto's ?

So my immunologist says I have borderline Hashimoto’s, as shown from my blood work.

I see a new rheumatologist next week as I have moved - my former one put me on Plaquenil after telling me I have “some sort of inflammatory arthritis” and I’m still on it but worse & worse pain wise. I had scalp psoriasis as a teen, most of my other blood work is normal, but my pain is very symmetrical - mostly in my limb joints, SI joints, hips & low back. My hands & wrists are a mess. I’m HLA-B27 negative.

Anyway - there is a link between RA & Hasimoto’s and autoimmunes seem to ‘collect’ - anyone here have it ? If so, how’s the treatment working for you ? Do you tinker with your diet ?

  1. northernelf HI I have RA just recently diagnosed. I had Hashimoto when I was around 32 and pretty much totaled thyroid. Now 67 and have several other autoimmune. My daughter has MS and relatives so many different autoimmune that I could not list them I also have wheat allergy with relatives with celiac. Yes, I need to watch what I eat because franco american history has high triglicirides and cholesterol. My glands also did not function well either. I am sorry you are dealing with pain Hang in This is a good site for understanding and personal journeys that might help your experience. Take care, love and understanding, elirose

    1. I have Hashimoto's....and it is by far one of the most common autoimmune diseases. An endocrinologist should be overseeing the treatment. It's very easy to treat; drugs are painless. They may need a little dose tweaking in the beginning.
      Is there a direct link to RA? To my knowledge, no. It's just coincidental. [Or modern science just hasn't figured out the link, IF there is one.]
      I also have psoriatic arthritis and am positive for HLA-B27. It is NOT mandatory that you have a positive result to have PsA. So when you see your new rheumatologist, mention the scalp history. [Also, you do not need to have psoriasis to have PsA.]
      Take a look at your fingernails. Anything unusual about them? Your fingers - are they sausage shaped? These are things the rheumatologist will examine. They can help determine which type of inflammatory arthritis you have.
      Food has nothing to do with any of it.

      1. Thanks for writing . I noticed you mentioned having psoriatic arthritis. Is this in addition to RA? I don't know if you are aware that we have a sister-site for PsA at There you can find the the same level of information and support for PsA as you find here for RA. , thought you might be interested in this article that gives a brief overview of other types of arthritis, besides RA: Best, Richard ( Team)

    2. Yes in addition.....and add to that Ankylosing Spondylitis. I've learned a lot over the years!

      1. We also have a great Ankylosing Spondylitis community. We would love t have you join us.


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