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Do high RF factor results only mean RA?

Got my results explained on Friday. RF IgA was 98.7; RF IgG was 31.1; RF IgM was <1.0. ALL of these were supposed to be <20.0. All ANA results were within normal range. The Dr. seemed TOTALLY FOCUSED on RA only.

During my test results phone call and the explanation appt (approx 3 weeks) being concerned, I did some "Dr. Googling" and saw on the Mayo Clinic site that elevated RF readings can indicate a multitude of diseases/illnesses or even NOTHING at all. This Rheumatologist, as I said seemed totally focused on no other possibility beyond RA. Even AFTER I mentioned my ongoing back problems (something that I've dealt with periodically since age 19, with no "official" diagnosis until 2012 (at age 4😎 when it was discovered that I had a herniated disc. I mean I'm not LOOKING for an illness/disease, but with 2 high results, I'm not certain I'm being given the most accurate information. Any input would be greatly appreciated! TIA

  1. Hi ! Thanks so much for submitting your question here. Like your research, my understanding of a high RF factor is that it could indicate a few autoimmune diseases, not just rheumatoid arthritis (although that seems to commonly be the case). Hoping others here will chime in with their experiences as well. Have you considered getting a second opinion or seeing another physician or specialist around these results? After all, you know your body best. Please do keep us posted on what you decide to do - we will be thinking of you here! Sending love, Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thanks Alesandra, I AM considering a second opinion, but, as I'm extremely new to this entire scenario I was hoping for some input from others with more experience so as not to over react. With 2 out of 3 high readings and one being very high, it just doesn't "sit" that, since I'm "not presenting" with RA, that all is hunky dory. Thanks for your response!

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