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What were your signs that you needed a hip replacement?

I have sciatica along with my RA, so I am used to chronic pain, but lately (6 mos) I am getting pain in my left hip, so much that I can only walk recreationally for 30 min tops before I have to stop. It sucks!

I love walking for fitness and while on vacation this last week I felt like such a drag on my adult daughter as we visited historical sights. She insisted it was fine, but I was depressed about it.

What was your sign that you were ready to check out surgical options and were you satisfied with the outcome? I haven’t had great success with foot and ankle surgical healing.

  1. Hi there , thanks for reaching out to our community! We're sorry to hear that your hip pain has been getting bad lately. It's never easy when your mind and heart want to be able to do something that your body is making it difficult to do- we hear you. We highly encourage you to bring this conversation up with your doctor too, if you haven't already. I wanted to go ahead and share a couple of articles with you from our team member Carla that I think may be helpful. First, she discusses her experience with joint replacement and when it might be time to consider it: Secondly, she shares a conversation between her and her surgeon about joint replacement: Please feel free to keep us updated on how you're doing, we will be thinking of you. Best, Ashley (Team Member)

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