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How do you manage RA throughout the holiday season?

  1. I'm an accountant, so this time of year it's stressful all around. Some useful things I've found that does help. Plan. Pre-planning. Get a notebook and write everything out. At least help organize your thoughts of things that "need to get done" or shopping lists. Get a massage. I use massage therapy bi-weekly to help manage my pain. Deep tissue can be quiet mentally consuming, but the after affects, help immensely. Yoga. Usually most yoga studios will offer a restorative class this month (I cannot make this years...booo). You will come out of their light. Usually I got home to go to sleep. Make time for yourself. Even if it is to go to the library, read in your car at lunch time, make time for YOU.

    1. Start preparing early, shop online as much as possible, don't try to shop when ur not feeling it which for me leads to overspending or,rest,rest, very important to rest as much as possible..less stress is always great....Merry Christmas all

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