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Are there bad side effects for infusions to treat RA?

I have been taking Orencia by injection for years. Works great for me! Due to insurance changes, I may need to switch to infusions.

  1. Hi Gracefaul! Thanks for reaching out. It's great that you have found Orencia to be amazing! Since you have found something that works for you, hopefully, you don't need to switch to infusions.

    However, to answer your question, infusions affect people differently. Some experience no side effects and some struggle with side effects.

    I'm sharing a recent account from one community member who details her switch to infusions and what she experienced, as well as how she handled side effects.

    I hope this helps add more clarity! And remember that her experience is one of many, but at least you can get a detailed perspective from someone who has been through the infusion journey.

    Take care 😀

    -Reggie ( Team)

    1. Hi, Gracefaul, switching medications can be nerve wracking. There are some side effects that’s some people experience that others may not; therefore, it is very important to communicate everything to your doctor whenever something new pops up.
      There are listed “common” side effects with each medication; therefore, if you’re worried about any of those, then make those concerns known to your rheumatologist. Some side effects can be prevented, but if your doctor doesn’t know that that specific side effects makes you uneasy then they won’t think to prevent it just in case it happens.

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