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Is it RA or an infection?

I was diagnosed with RA a few years ago. I was in extremely bad pain when I was first diagnosed. I literally thought I was dying. Right before I was diagnosed I had an H Piloria infection and I believe that had something to do with it (just my personal opinion). I was put in enbrel. Well I have been sick since December and I am now on my second round of antibiotics within a month. I am not experiencing any RA pain or symptoms while I am taking the antibiotics has anyone else had this happen? Is it possible that I do t have RA but an infection that's being mistaken for RA? Or is that impossible?

  1. rayray,
    Thanks for reaching out. I am so sorry to hear you have been dealing with this infection since December, that sounds so frustrating. Are you currently working with a rheumatologist to manage your RA? While Enbrel may have side effects see here: I think you may want to consult with another Rheumatologist to get a more definitive diagnosis to get to the root of the infection or the RA?

    While I cannot offer medical or treatment advice via the internet (for your safety) I do hope you check back with us and let us know how you are doing.

    Best, Lauren ( Team)

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