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Is there anything you do in the morning that helps you manage RA and begin your day? Feel free to share any night routines or rituals too.

Self-care is not selfish. In fact, it's important when living, surviving and thriving with RA. Share your morning and evening routines/rituals that help you manage RA better, or at least make you feel your best even on the not so good days. It's winter for many of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I know I speak for myself that increasing these self-care practices is crucial to making me feel better.

  1. I have been making it my self-care to workout more and being more mindful of my eating habits. I owe it to myself to be consistent and healthy in the best way possible. I find that when I work out, I feel so much better and it has definitely become more like therapy for me to take that time out for myself. This is something I don't bend on because I've committed myself to in making sure that I give myself this opportunity as much as I can.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I find it benefits me as well, and this year I'm trying to really keep up with it more. -Effie, team member

  2. After my RA diagnosis I began to set aside time in the morning to nurture my spirit. Some use mindfulness or meditation. My faith is essential so I spend time talking with God (He listens much better than my husband LOL) and reading something uplifting. If I can quiet my mind it sets a better tone for the rest of the day.

    1. I’m with you. My quiet time with my Lord is pivotal to how my day will go. Early on I learned the importance of TRUSTING GOD after my diagnosis. He’s so faithful and I am blessed. An injection a week keeps me active - and able to fulfill my purpose in my life.

    2. it sounds like your faith has really helped with your day-to-day management of RA. Thanks so much for sharing! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  3. I don’t know I have RA - have joint pain on thumbs/big toes and joint/sternum pain when stressed or after some vaccinations. After looking at some studies, I’m doing Wim Hof and yoga daily - They’ve been hugely helpful with pain and energy levels.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing what has worked for you. RA or not, joint pain is still hard to deal with and can be debilitating. So anything we find that works for us and it helps us manage a bit better is a blessing. -Effie, team member

  4. I try my best to be gentle to myself in the morning. I retired around the time of my RA diagnosis and began what I call "My commute to the couch". When possible, I do not schedule appointments before 10:00am. Discomfort usually gets me out of bed by 7:00am. I move to the couch and snuggle into a warm afghan with my favorite morning TV show. After about an hour I make my coffee and a simple, but nutritious breakfast, which I take back to the couch. By about 9:00 I am ready to start moving. I actually find emptying the dishwasher a good way to move various muscles and get me started. Then I get myself ready for the day. I find for me, if I lay about past 9:00 I don't gain much physically. It is better for me to get up and move a little. But, honestly, there are a few days where I realize by 11:00 another rest period is in order. I realize I am blessed to no longer be working. Before retirement, mornings were the worst! I had to budget time for a long, warm shower to get me moving. I would literally limp into my office hoping for relief as mid-morning came on. For those of you still braving the commute to work, raising children or working from home, I wish for comfort and energy to carry you through. Jo

    1. Sounds like you know exactly what to give yourself in the morning. I like how you stated you had to budget your time. You account for every minute and understand how your body responds to time in a way that allows you to be proactive about what to give yourself, especially in those challenging and painful moments. Dealing with a chronic illness along with balancing a job and a family takes a lot of work. It's great that you are in retirement and can now have complete control of your freedom and allow yourself to focus on yourself. Wishing you the best in your journey and thank you so much for sharing! Kindly, Latoya (Team Member)

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