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How long do flares last?

I have recently been diagnosed with RA. I am 64 and in the beginning of the disease. My question can flares last only one or two days? I have had a few days where I simply feel like I cannot function because I am so tired. My hands also hurt more on those days. Could this be a flare? Thank you.

  1. Hello,

    I have had exactly the same kind of thing where for 2 days unable to function just want to sleep n fatigue is relentless.
    Docs Tommorow hope I find some answers.


    1. thank you for replying. If you want to please let me know what your doctor tells you! I hope you are better today.

  2. Hey tjjemel! Thanks for reaching out. I'm so sorry you are dealing with a flare right now! I hope you feel better soon.

    In my experience, flares last for just a couple of days before subsiding. I always talk to my rheumatologist about how to adjust my meds to take it down quick.

    For me personally, I experienced quite a few flares in the beginning because we were still trying to find a medicine regime that works.

    It's really important you speak to your doctor. The more information s/he has the more they can help!

    In the meantime, I hope this article helps. It gives tips from our community members on how to deal with flares!

    All the best, Monica ( Team)

  3. Hi to you.

    Blood test weds but am having another flare now not nice feel rubbish.


    1. When I have a flare, I do it up big time! Cannot hardly get up to the bathroom, stay in bed, and have to take opioids. The sooner I can get a steroid shot, the quicker I recover. My flares don't seem to resolve with time. Identifying what sets off your flares helps to prevent them. But sometimes, they just hit out of the blue. The fatigue seems to take the longest to resolve. I hope this helps.

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