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Hi all, I was diagnosed with rheumatoidarthritis about five years ago. It was treated and I'm doing good now. Now I want to know if I can get a cosmetic surgery? I'm considering liposuction on flanks. I have been going through Dr. Sliwin's reviews online in goodsurgeonbadsurgeon, read many positive reviews but didn't find any review from someone who had rheumatoidarthritis and underwent liposuction. So I'm afraid if I'll feel discomfort after the surgery. Does anyone know about this?

  1. Hi CindyNavarra~

    This is certainly something you should discuss with your rheumatologist before you decide. In general, extra weight puts pressure on the joints - so a reduction in weight should take pressure off the joints. But your doctor may be able to tell you about other issues you should consider - including the increased potential for infection depending on how your RA is being treated.


    ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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