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Long term health issues from Meds

Hi, 64 yr old female, diagnosed with RAN@ 38 yrs old. I have gone in and out of flares all this time. I have had long term use of Biologics (currently on RINVOQ) methotrexate as well as prednisone. With the help of my endocrinologist and lots of time I’m prednisone free. In September of 2023, I developed a terrible infection (or what DR thought) on my leg. Antibiotics, nothing, nodules developed, RA Doc stopped methotrexate and then was told I have skin cancer right above the nodule. Fast forward; February 15th 2024, I still have signs of the skin rash and have been biopsied for another possible cancer spot.

My body has changed dramatically since November 2022. I almost died due to a temp of 105 and bi-lateral pneumonia. I was pumped up with SO many intravenous antibiotic's for 9 day, I have never felt the same.
My body has totally stopped fighting to defend me.
My, RA, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis (osteoarthritis) 5 areas of Squamous cell carcinoma removal, cervical & lumbar stenosis are a lot of trips to doctors & pain management. And at My age I have now developed psoriasis and allergies, even of my dog. I’m depressed, exhausted, I stay at home more & pull away from friends. I have a great husband, live in a beautiful home in Southern Florida but life is rough right now. I’d love to hear feedback’s, suggestions, like stories…Thank you for your time.
It’s my faith, love and family that keeps me going. However the frown and pain are always close behind the smile. Keep fighting the RA fight y’all. My initial infection

  1. Hi I am so sorry for all you have gone through. It sounds like you have been through many challenges and you have also been committed to fighting these symptoms. As you know, there currently isn't a cure for RA yet many HAVE found a way to balance their symptoms to live a full life. One thing you mentioned that may be helpful is that you could check out our sister community, that may touch more on the psoriasis that you're experiencing. I know mentally it's a lot to deal with all of this but please know that you are not alone in your fight and also that it CAN get better, with time and trial and error of different treatments. Try to take each day one at a time and never give up and always advocate for yourself. Warmly, - Reggie, team member

    1. Reggie, thank you for the kind words. I will most definitely look into your suggestion.

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