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Has anyones teeth fell out or gotten really loose?

One of my teeth have fallen out and some of the others are quite loose.

Everything was fine, when 2 years ago I slipped on some ice while working in a chiller - felt fit as a fiddle until that day. Banged my elbow and got some bloods done because my joints where hurting really bad. Next thing I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and slowly going down hill. Sorry for the long writing, I'm just so devastated with it all.

  1. mine are literally rotting out of my head i do not have many molars left and what is there is bad along with the rest of my teeth

    1. Hey ! Thanks so much for reaching out.

      I am so sorry you're going through this right now. Please know you can always come here if you need to talk. We will listen and we appreciate you sharing your story.

      In regards to the teeth, research has shown a correlation between RA and oral health. I, personally, have had issues with my teeth and so I see my dentist regularly and do other things in order to maintain oral health.

      The best couse of action is to speak to your rheumatologist. S/he may have a dentist recommendation for you.

      I have attached a number of articles with personal stories (and useful tips) to help in oral health, if you are interested:

      Unfortunately, due to inflammation and dryness (to name a couple of conditions), our teeth are more succesptible to decay than people without autoimmunes.

      One other thing that might be of interest to you is TMJ - which is inflammation of the jaw joint.

      Hopefully, you see something in these articles you can talk to your doctor about.

      I can definitely empathize with your struggle with teeth decay and general mouth discomfort. It's a difficult thing to deal with since (at least for me) it causes even more pain and...discomfort on top of RA symptoms!

      All the best, Monica

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