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Has anyone changed mattresses to support your RA?

We are looking at one called Tuft and Needle. Sleeping (for my husband who has RA) is horrible, he flips all night due to terrible hip pain. Has anyone found a mattress which helps?

  1. Hi , thanks for reaching out. I hope some community members can share their input here. I also wanted to share this comment thread from a couple years ago. A community member asked a similar question and I thought you could take a look at some of the responses she got.

    I hope you can find something that helps bring him some restful nights!

    -- Warmly, Christine ( Team Member)

    1. Hi cbfmeadows,
      Yes, I changed my mattress for the same reasons. I went to several bed stores and tested multiple mattresses. I explained when I went in that I had medical issues and would need to lie down on each mattress for at least 10 minutes. (That kept them from hovering and pushing.)
      I kept at it until I found one that worked for me. I chose a memory foam mattress that was on the softer side. No pressure on the hips and I sleep through the night. I also checked out all the memory foam pillows to find the one that worked for me. I have been so pleased. 6 years later and I am still very comfortable. The added benefit is the warmth of the foam reduces my morning stiffness.
      Spend the time and effort to find the mattress that works best for you and your husband.
      Gentle hugs and blessings,
      Mary Sophia

      1. Hi:

        RA and I have been battling for a long time. We've had 3 mattresses before the water bed arrived. My hubby sort of liked one of the spring mattresses but I felt that they all hurt my joints. I loved the water bed, no pressure.

        Then we bought a house and hubby said, "No more water bed". He was afraid it would leak in our new home. Although, it never had before. He bought another spring bed that I hated. Since he had hurt his back and shoulder, he wasn't happy with it either.

        Then we bought a 4" memory foam topper for the spring mattress. It costs less than the whole memory foam mattress. We both love it and sleep much better with no stress on any joints or other body parts.

        1. I also added a memory foam topper and it has made a huge difference!

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