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Medicaid/ Rheumatologist help

Hello I am a 21 year old trying to get back on Medicaid it lapsed when I moved from NC to VA a few month ago so I reapplied and it was denied so I appealed it and it was still denied. My problem is I need insurance to see a rheum for meds I’m on another support group and they said my best bet would be to find a rheumatologist and get help applying for Medicaid that way. Is that my best option. I’m on my own so I’m new to all of this . I desperately need to be seen I’m flarring badly and it’s been reoccurring but I don’t have the money for meds. So how do I go about this because I was denied

  1. Each state offers its own medicaid programs. There are some federal guidelines, but within those there is wide latitude to have the program they want. I live in Indiana and have have a small notion of my state program, but even if i knew it forward ad back, what I knew would not apply to Virginia.

    For that reason, unless you know an expert on VA medicaid policy asking on the internet is of little value. I did find a list of forms and qualifying statements from the state of VA, about the Medicaid program. Here is the link:

    I hope that link is helpful. In addition I suggest you contact a local or state office to talk things over about qualifications. here is a link to those telephone numbers.

    rick - moderator

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