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Is anyone having chronic nightmares or bad dreams?

I'm experiencing bad dreams daily and often wake up sad & disturbed.

  1. Hi bets. I'm so sorry this is happening to you - it sounds very disturbing to have to try and manage these nightmares day after day. I'm hopeful those in the community also experiencing bad dreams will chime in with their experiences with you. Have you considered speaking with a counselor or medical professional about this (if you haven't yet already)? Perhaps they can give you some insight. Thinking of you - hang in there! <3 - Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it 😀 I'm pretty sure it's my spirolactone, that I take for hair loss. After the dosage was upped the bad dreams escalated. Oh well, I would rather have bad dreams than deal with losing my hair. Thanks again, I didn't think anyone was going to respond 😉

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