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How do I manage my RA once my insurance is gone?

I have been lucky to have a job and insurance that pay for Humira. This has kept my RA symptoms at bay. What are my best practices to adopt moving forward once I can no longer afford medication of this type?

  1. Hi ! While you wait for other community members to chime in with their experiences, I wanted to share this article with you that outlines a few available options for you: I'm hopeful others here will comment with some suggestions, too! Wishing you a gentle day today. -Alesandra ( Team)

    1. Thank You I will check it out

  2. I retired about 4 years ago. I was prescribed Enbrel for a year before I retired. My medical coverage absorbed the cost completely. Since retirement, I have Medicare coverage through AARP. For every plan I’ve seen, Enbrel is a Tier 5 (or whatever the tier is with the least coverage is). When I checked a few years ago, the full cost was on the order of $1200 to $1500 per month. Amgen, the manufacturer, has a program called the Safety Net Foundation. I applied and was approved. However, we were just under the limit in terms of household income. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your viewpoint, Social Security finally realized that they had been underpaying my wife. The result was that we are now over the limit and this year we are covering the co-pay personally. In 4 months, the total is close to $3300. The co-pay has tapered off, but there will eventually be another spike and that will taper off again. My guess for the yearly total will be somewhere in the $7000 to $8000 range. Unless there is another program for which I can qualify, the process will begin again for 2021.

    Hopefully you can find a suitable program...

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