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When to not take medications anymore?

August of 2017 I had kidney failure from taking methotrexate. I stayed 2 weeks in the hospital and had dialysis along with 3 blood transfusions to get the methotrexate out of my system. Thankfully my kidneys went from 6% to now at 58% without anymore dialysis since leaving the hospital. My question is I prefer not to take anymore of those awful drugs so what can I do instead to keep my bones and organs safe from this disease? Thank you

  1. Hey DebbieH! Thanks for reaching out and I'm so sorry your kidneys responded so poorly to the Methotrexate.

    We cannot give medical advice (for your safety) over the internet and strongly suggest you speak to your physician about your concerns. He or she may have some other medications that help your RA but also don't affect your kidneys. You and they will decide risks and what is the best couse of action.

    The diet and nutrition section of this website might be useful in ways to fight inflammation naturally but of course, everything affects people differently.

    For me personally, diet and supplements plays a small role in how good or bad my RA symptoms are but they don't control it completely. I need to take medication, but, I also take other meds to protect my kidneys and other organs!

    Please let us know how the conversation with your physican goes...Thanks!! ~Monica ( Team)

    1. Thanks Debbie 😀 Please let us/me know how the conversation goes. If you ever need to talk, you are welcome to share here!


    2. Hi DebbieH,

      I'm so sorry to hear about your scary experience and hospital stay!! I'm so glad to hear that your kidney function is dramatically improving! That's awesome!

      In addition to the great advice Monica has provided, I also wanted to add one thing to this conversation in the event that you're currently on treatment and wanting to stop. We strongly encourage our members not to stop treatment or change their current treatment regimen without first talking to their healthcare team or doctor. Stopping medications can impact individuals very differently, and could be dangerous depending on the medications taken. I'm SO glad you're talking to your rheumatologist and nephrologist though! Keep us updated on how it goes! Wishing you the best! -Casey, Team

  2. Hi DebbieH. First, let me echo previously stated thoughts that I'm sorry to hear about the kidney issues. On top of methotrexate, RA simply through the inflammatory nature of the disease is known to potentially create kidney issues. Thought you might be interested in this recent study (published in Kidney International and found in the National Library of Medicine database) which found that those with RA and on biologic medications have a lower risk of chronic kidney disease: This, of course, is only one study and is not looking at those already with kidney issues. You doctor should be able to help with additional information. Every treatment carries risks, as does foregoing treatment. Only you can determine what is the proper course for you. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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