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Obvious symptoms.... All normal blood work.

First, I would like to thank everyone on this site. It has helped carry me through the last 3 months of insomnia due to pain.

It has also helped me learn how to address my Drs. And prepare for my appointment with my Rheumatologist, so that I could understand what to ask as well as what I was asking. No I have not been diagnosed with RA as my blood work does not show RA, however, I do have the physical symptoms. Swollen hot red joints, fingers toes feet hands wrists and shoulders.

I will be starting Methotrexate tomorrow, with folate as well.

It seems as though a lot of people have symptoms without diagnosis. But I have to say knowing and growing up with my Mom and Grandmother having RA at middle age, I always thought crooked fingers limbs and toes were just part of growing older. I learned how debilitating it can get by helping both my grandmother and now my Mom through dialysis. Funny thing or not so funny....they like myself did not have blood work that showed RA, only physical symptoms. I am TRULY blessed to have a Rheumatologist who is observant, thorough, knowledgeable. And caring to actually look at the whole picture and help me prevent the suffering my Mom and her Mother went through because it didn't show up in their blood work.

  1. So glad you like the site and find it helpful. It's actually quite common for people to have RA or a related disease without a positive blood test. See article below.

    Here's a link to the diagnostic criteria for RA.
    It's obvious that your doctor coded you for some sort of RA or related disease that resulted in you being prescribed methotrexate. Hope the methotrexate start helping you soon!

    1. Yes, undifferentiated arthritis, thank you. This is the third episode or I guess sever flare since February. Although the swelling and aches in my hands,feet, toes and fingers and shoulders have been there for a few years, I have dealt with it because my Dr.s said I was just getting older. This time it's been very different... Not aches...severe pain at night and it n the morning, and insomnia... For about 2 months. My primary finally referred to a Rheumatologist, such a nice guy! I had a positive ANA, low pos. CRP, everything else blood wise was good. But literally my joints were swollen when he did my evaluation and red hot. Even my elbows were swollen and I didn't even notice that. I just want sleep...more than anything...just sleep, more than an hour at a time. I work 10-12 hr days 5-6 days a week, I feel like I have a cloud in my brain at this point, so yes, I hope the Methotrexate works, releivi g enough pain so I can sleep! Thank you for the link, sounds very similar.

      1. Hi Wonderland ~

        I'm glad you were finally referred to a rheumatologist. It can be frustrating when doctor's indicate there is no problem - so we have to remember that we know our bodies better than anyone else! I hope that your rheumatologist will be able to help you come up with a treatment plan that gets you feeling better soon. And, in the meantime, please remember that we are here to support you!

        Best of luck to you!

        ~Mariah~ (Site Moderator)

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