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orthotic shoes

orld’s best men’s orthotic shoes & best women’s orthotic shoes. Orthotic Insole with Gel and Air cushioning sole provide immediate relief for Heel & Foot Pain"

  1. Fast and Easy The order was perfect in every detail. orthofeet had no way of knowing that I have used a heel support or Viconic shoes for years, so all of the instructions were really nice but I didn't need them I was looking for comfy slippers not slip ons with no back and I found them. Will be buying from these folks again. I'll be happy. I've ordered three pairs already from other dealers and had to send them back because they didn't fit my feet

    1. Can you please provide information on the slippers you referring to very interested as well as any Orthotics shoes you mentioned above I didn't see any reference specifically to a brand or website or how to get those but extremely interested

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