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Do I need both a rheumatologist and a pain clinic?

My ex-rheumatologist sent me to a pain clinic for RA after my last appointment. He did this because, in his words, he had "failed me." None of the treatments we tried had made a real difference in my pain and fatigue, and he had given up. I now have a new rheumatologist (needless to say!), who says he won't give up on me. Do I still need the pain clinic?

  1. Hi Knitluv, thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear that your previous rheumatologist didn't have any luck treating your pain, RA can be an evasive and complicated disease. Definitely ask your new rheumatologist about the pain clinic. It's possible that the pain clinic may act as a supplement to seeing your rheumatologist, however you absolutely want all your doctors to be on the same page so they can work together to manage your pain. If your new rheumatologist advises to hold off on the pain clinic, I would do as the doctor advises.

    Best of luck with your pain treatment, I hope the new doctor is able to find something that works for you!

    - Cindy ( Team)

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