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Pain Is Relentless

Not much. RA got in right wrist - first time severe pain is asymmetrical. Now at 48 hrs.
Typing without moving wrist. Moving phone not hand. Interesting…
Several days, including TDay screaming pain. Helps me believe I’m really ill. (Hehehe)

Anyone asymmetrical pain?

Throwing up (sorry) three/four times a day including TDay. Stopped Arava…was still taking after first RITUXAN infusions. Hoping not RITUXAN- was really hoping that would work.

Anyone have nausea/vomiting from Leflunomide or RITUXAN?

Usually ask my RA friend but she is too ill.

Thank you

  1. I had that Leflunomide, but I have not experienced it as much with Rituxin. I find Rituxin makes me exhausted, largely because of the IV Corticosteroid that is in the standard protocol. it drives my blood sugar so high that it takes 2-3 days to feel better. Ahh the life of a person with diabetes.

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