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RA Symptoms or not?

As background, I am a 66 year old seronegative male, in (mostly) good health and active. I was first diagnosed over 25 years ago and a few years of sulfasalazine put me into remission for over 10-12 years. I am now 3+ years into a significant flare, and taking Humira, max methotrexate for the RA and meloxicam for pain. I am not getting better this time.

I have (what I think) are symptoms of either the RA or the RX treatments and seriously wonder whether or not I was/am misdiagnosed. I have the "normal" hand/finger/knee pain, but also a lot of gastric/GI pain, especially after eating, as well as extreme dryness/itching on my scalp. LY, I had every test imaginable on both upper/lower GI, including lactose/fructose/gluten intolerance, colonoscopy/endoscopy, and all results were "normal" resulting in an IBS (lack of) diagnosis.

Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

  1. Did they check you for gastroparesis? It is a less frequent, but still known neuropathy associated with RA. I have it.

    As far as RA, what does your bloodwork say? SED rate? CRP? It may simply mean that Humira isn't the biologic for you and it is time to try another one.

    This disease is frustrating. I would go talk with your gastroenterologist about gastroparesis and your Rheumatologist about how you know if the med is working. Communication is key.

    Hope you feel better.

    1. Hey Patrick, I feel your frustration! I have had itching like you on my scalp and back of neck. I also was tested for food allergies which revealed NOTHING. Then I had the IGG serum blood test for food sensitivity. Stands to reason when the immune system is all haywire the body becomes hypersensitive. Check out food sensitivities in any search engine and see what you think.
      Eggs, bananas, and peanuts are the three foods that get alot of people in trouble. Gluten is another big whopper!!
      Feel better friend!!

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