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RF numbers

Just recently diagnosed. Blood test revealed RF at 114.7. How does this compare to others numbers? All new to me.

  1. Hi Copperhead. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Hopefully some people with personal experience will chime in with some information. This article from one of our contributors looks at what RA factor at diagnosis means: Know that you are always welcome here for information and support. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Well the Ref range i used (VA lab) is 0-20 U/mL. I was 26.7. So i would get on it right away. Get an anti-CCP test also.
      If that is positive, then you do have RA. CCP range was 0-5 U/mL i was 8.6. Ive seen some real high #'s in this forum and others. Some people manage with meds or Biologics and go into remission and can do stuff. So far for me, im in pain, but not to the point of being unable to do the basic everyday stuff. Walking my big dog is getting harder, i stiffen up in the back and the walks are shorter. Good Luck and get started with Rheumatolgist as im about to do.

      1. My RF = 140 and CCP was greater than 250. Consider contributing to Collective Knowledge Campfire on RA. They are collecting data (NO demographic or email information) to look for patterns among all the people who fil lout the survey.

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