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Second winter with red burning itchy toes??

I have RA and Sjögrens but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my toes.. summer it goes away but when the winter hits and I start wearing socks and boots, my toes get hot, red, itchy and tender. I was treated for athletes foot but Lotriderm didn’t clear it up. It also tingles and my toes go numb like poor circulation. Ive researched extensively but none of the associated autoimmune diseases make sense. Going to see a podiatrist but on a wait list for now. Any ideas on what this is and what to do to alleviate the itch and painful tenderness?

  1. As I am sure you are aware RA sufferers can also have a wide variety of other issues, seemingly quite common are eczema and psoriasis ..... Red, itching, hot...I suspect the numbness is because the toes are swelling.... To me that sounds like eczema possibly. Though Lotriderm should help eczema

    If it is athletes foot try Lamisil Once.... It is relatively expensive but I apply it maybe once every 18 months or so and remain athletes foot free. As does my wife who does a lot of exercise and so used to get AF a fair bit

    I'd have a word with your chemist/pharmacist, get their take on it... You can get creams over the counter and I doubt they'll do any harm even if they don't do much good! It is all trial and error imo

    A further thought, are you maybe allergic to something in the socks? Are the boots leather or man made?

    I hope it sorts out for you

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