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So exhausted

I am so exhausted going to any new doctor. It seems with everything, especially when my body hurts so bad... All I want to do is make it stop so I can function. When I am hurting I check the clock to make sure I am not taking any medicine when it is not due. I log daily & do exercise, water therapy, relaxation meditation, massage & Physical therapy. Exhausting to think about going to another doctor & going through everything again and again... Feeling like an experimental project.

  1. Hi Dede, So sorry to hear about your struggles and exhaustion. I totally sympathize with your health maintenance tasks and your exhausting efforts to find successful treatment. Hope you find support and encouragement in our community. Keep fighting--one day at a time. Hope you find some relief very soon. -Kelly

    1. Hi Dede, I completely understand. My fatigue is so bad. Im 43 with a baby and feel guilty that I cant find the strength or motivation to do much at all. Ive never felt so tired, I could sleep constantly. Its destroying my life and my hope. My arms are like lead, with tremors, nobody gets it. Too tired to even do the physio but know it may help if I could. Its a catch 22. Theres loads more to this but too much to write. Any sympathisers just so I know Im not alone? I was diagnosed last September.

      1. Hi Dede, I understand completely. Feeling tired all the time. Performing the day to day activities of just getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing is a struggle. Yes it is difficult to get friends and family to understand. I was diagnosed in 2012.

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