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What Results Has Strength Training Had on Your RA Pain?

In her article about strength training ( Kat shared her journey to add muscle with RA.

I'm curious if anyone else has tried to strength train with RA and what their results have been?

  1. Strength training works well for me but I have a tough time sticking with the routine. B

    1. , oh yes! Sticking to a consistent routine can be such a challenge! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  2. I have elbow prosthetics. Long-standing in one case, and a continuing saga. I also have RA due to this elbow and it's long-standing saga. I am limited in all things requiring arms, such as getting up and down, lifting anything with weight involved (including myself), and flexibility. So--strength training is a no-go for me. Next!

    1. , I hear you! Strength training, especially for your arms, is definitely not a good option. I hope there are other forms of exercise (like swimming, perhaps?) are more feasible for you. Best, Erin, Team Member.

  3. Strength training has improved movement for me. I train at a local gym with 5 other women. After two years of training weekly, my strength and flexibility has greatly improved. Some days it is tough to get moving but I know my group is counting on me to be there. Now I am working on building up muscles around knees for knee replacement.

    1. , I am glad strength training has been such a benefit for you! That's awesome! And I think it's great that you have the accountability of a group to keep you on track. And I personally find exercise more enjoyable when I don't have to do it alone. Good luck building up those led muscles and when the time comes, I hope your knee replacement procedure goes smoothly! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  4. How many, like me, have damage that prevents you doing any serious exercise? I have damage to my lower spine causing my hips to be out of alignment. In effect i have one leg longer than the other. Together with joint and muscular damage, i developed a bursitis on the R trochanter, which turned into tendinopathy of most of gluteal tendons that side. According to my pain specialist, who used to be a physiotherapist before deciding to study medicine, they were wrecked beyond repair! Apparently there were bony spurs the tendons moved over. I wasn’t supposed to walk more than about five minutes at a time! So ive had some muscle wasting and not enough weight gain. Anyone relate to that sort of experience?

    1. , one of our contributors, Kelly Mack, can relate. Due to nearly lifelong RA (she was diagnosed with JRA as a young child), she has fairly significant damage that she has to take into account when she exercises -- She has found swimming to be a form of safe exercise -- You are definitely not alone when it comes to the exercise struggle! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Thank you for this post. Your issues sound like mine. You speak of lower back damage which I, too, experience. Along with spinal stenosis. No doctor (rheumatologist) has ever mentioned muscle wasting and yet I know it has been happening and diminished my ability to walk very far and I am always in extreme lower back pain. If you have any more gems to share, please do. I see a new rheumatologist in a new to me city and state. Life has been a daunting adventure. Any nuggetions you have to share would be welcomed.

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