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Is your joint pain symmetrical?

Has all of your joint pain always been symmetrical? Even before you knew you had RA?

  1. Yes, except where I had previous injuries, the the injured area is worse but the other area still has RA point pain.

    1. Usually, it was(is), but sometimes not. Like before I was dxd., my big toe on my right foot was in total pain for weeks and really swollen. I had to wear my hubby's size 9 shoes, just to have room enough in the toe area. Mine are size 7. My left toe has never bothered me(touch wood) while my right one still does, off and on. Not much though.

      Same with my left elbow and left ankle.

      1. Hi CLURTT. The issue/question of the symmetrical nature of RA is certainly and interesting and sometimes confounding one. I know my wife, Kelly Mack (a contributor here), has RA everywhere, so it is symmetrical in that sense, but the pain or symptoms in the moment don't seem to be symmetrical. This question previously came up in a forum and a couple of our contributors offered their insights here: Best, Richard ( Team)

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