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Tracking your RA

Hi everyone, I'm a masters student interested in learning more about how people track their RA pain for their doctor (or PT if they have one).

Also have a lot of RA in my family so want to figure out what general problems people have with managing their RA.

Thanks very much.

  1. Thank you for the question.

    There are several Apps that track RA pain, medications and other factors related to disease progression. Some of these are provided by medications pharma while others are created by arthritis support communities.

    I like two in particular. CreekyJoints has one as does the arthritis foundation. However, there are several out there and it is really somewhat a matter of personal choice.

    You can find several by looking for arthritis apps.

    1. Hi . On top of the excellent information from , I want to share with you these two articles from a couple of our contributors on tracking with health apps: and I realize that this technical aspect is only part of what you are looking for and that you are also interested in how the pain is communicated. This is much more difficult and individualistic. There are pain scales, which are often found wanting (see this search for various articles on the pain scales: Managing RA is also very individualistic - from types of drugs, to levels of exercise/activity, to alternative and complimentary therapies. A search on any of these topics with our search function will find a multitude of articles and approaches (for example: look at this search on management: I know this may all seem vague, but the hit or miss nature of managing RA is often just that. Hopefully others will chime in with their thoughts and approaches. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

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