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What strategies do you use to manage your triggers?

  1. Hi Alesandra! Good question. Most management of my triggers involves avoiding the triggers. So, I take medicine that helps me sleep, because lack of sleep will put me into a flare. I try not to overdo, and listen to my body when it says to rest. When I do have a flare, it is significant, and involves RA and fibromyalgia symptoms. (everything hurts!) For me, the best treatment for a flare is a steroid injection and rest. I tolerate steroid injections better than oral steroids.
    I have learned to say "no" when I need to, even though I would like to say "yes"
    Hope this helps.

    1. Great Question for me. I underwent a knee replacement and the therapy often causes flares and then my progress is delayed in regards to my therapy. RA and PT are in conflict. I feel desperate to find a way to get through this therapy without a flare. I really liked hearing the community answer, I gave me some thoughts to share with my RA Dr..I would appreciate any other advice that might be out there.

    2. Hey SharonTurlington! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am in Physical Therapy now too and it's been a long process because just like you said the therapy brings on flares. I thought you might enjoy these two articles on "flare action plans" and I know mine needs work so I will keep checking back on this thread to hear everyone's ideas!

      All the best and good luck with the rest of your PT! ~Monica

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