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Waiting to start treatment and managing flare


I am new to this..i have auto immune inflammatory artritis since i was 25- first referred to rheumatoid clinic. Have always managed with nsaids as have been having two babies and symptoms felt ok.

I have raynauds, over the last year i don't know whats happened but i have been diagnosed with ceoliacs, had pneumonia and plueresy for literally months, my chest pain stopped after steroids amd antibiotics and them since September have had huge flare up started as usual in hands, then feet, now shoulder's. I struggle to walk in morning and evening, grip steeering wheel and even struggled to open my little biys calpol in the middle of night as fingers froze.

Have not been able to wear winter shoes, rocking my sandles as they are comfy.

I have never been discharged from rheumatoid clinic so have yearly reviews. Have been in contact with lead nurse, and my apt is in march.

My bloods all come back + ra and inflamation which i was expecting.

So long story, have got foot bath, using heat and hot water bottles, steering wheel cover and bottle/ jar opener. Naproxen not touching sides and trying to keep zapian use to a minimum.

Is there anything else i can do/ try/ might be helpful prior to apt end of march? I know methotrexate will be px but anything while i am waiting? Have two small people needing a great half term and i can't lift my arms!! (I can between 11 and 3😉😉

Thank you for reading and not getting bored. X

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