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What are the positives of having RA?

Since receiving my diagnosis of RA, I have thrown myself into research and reading. Let’s be real: it ALL sounds pretty bleak. This site has been tremendously helpful and I often find myself turning to it when I’m at a loss, feeling bad or am in search of elusive answers. It can be pretty depressing. I find myself wondering: is this disease as awful as it seems, or are there any positive aspects of having chronic disease, unrelenting pain and indescribable fatigue. C’mon, I dare you! Let me know the positive side(s) of RA.

  1. Hi kingkatekong! I really think you've asked a great question. While it can be easy (and normal!) to focus on the negatives of RA, some of our contributors have shared what they are thankful for when it comes to a life with RA. You can read Tamara's piece here -- Here is a piece by Leslie Rott, that lists the positives she has found since her diagnosis -- I also like this piece by contributor Angela Lundberg, where she writes a letter to her RA, thanking it for the changes it has brought to her life -- I hope you find these pieces helpful and maybe even a bit reassuring and inspiring. And please don't hesitate to share your positives, as you find them. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. One positive for me is that since my diagnosis I have a new found compassion for people who suffer from any type of disease or illness. I’ll be the first speak up if I over hear someone else making a comments about someone who doesn’t appear sick to be using a handicap parking space, or an electric shopping cart, etc. I feel the desire to bring awareness to those around me that not everyone who is sick will always appear as so. If I can help one person understand that it’s important not to judge based on appearance and that changes the way they treat others, then it makes me feel good. A disease is never easy to live with, however I now have personal experiences that add to my ability to advocate for myself and others!

      1. Thanks for writing Savedbygrace. I think many in the community understand what you are saying. Finding out one has a chronic condition and living with it can be horrible, but also eye opening. Those, like yourself, who learn compassion and act on it are to be commended. In this recent article one of our contributors writes about some of the things that can come out of RA; such as resilience, compassion, and strength: Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

        1. so true! thank you.

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