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What to expect after flare treatment

So I am supposed to take meds for a week to treat this "flare." Flare exactly of what I don't know, I wasn't diagnosed with anything yet.

But basically a sudden increase in joint pain in toes, knees, elbows (right on diagnosed with tennis elbow) and hips (left one diagnosed with hip bursitis). And extreme fatigue.

I am taking 500 mg acetaminophen 3x day, Meloxicam 7.5 mg 1x, and Gabupentin 300 mg, 1x. Dr. said for a week. Also got a cortisone injection in my hip and down my IT band.

So this is to reduce inflammation and pain, right?

What usually happens after that?

When you have a flare that gets treated, how do you feel after that and do you go back to regular exercise, etc. before the flare?

In my case, I don't even know what the flare is from......or why it happened. But I know you guys have lots of knowledge with this and wondering your experiences.

  1. So, he gave you prescription strength tylenol, another prescription nsaid, and something to treat nerve pain. That doesn't treat a flare. It helps you deal with the pain from one. Prednisone 'treats' a flare. He isn't treating you, he is pacifying you. Meanwhile, if you really have RA, the disease continues to progress. Maybe ask him if diagnoses sero-negative RA. It sounds to me like he doesn't because those are the kinds of meds doctors give until they see RA on bloodwork. I really think you should eagerly look forward to the appointment with the other Rheumatologist. It isn't rude to get a second opinion. They are professional and good ones should welcome a collaborative approach.

    1. That's what I thought, too. But I agreed b/c I was hurting and I knew this would at least get me relief now. I agree with you and I don't like the "it doesn't matter what the root of the problem is , but here's some meds to make you feel better approach."

      I am kind of just waiting on the bloodwork....I still have both appointments set.....the follow up with this guy on April 2nd. And the initial with the new Rhem on April 5th. So I could go back and see what he says and then get the second opinion.

      I am somewhat interested in what he says my problem might be if the bloodwork comes back negative.

      That's why I was wondering what to expect pain wise after this round of meds.

      Thanks so much for your help!

      1. So got my blood work back. Shocker....but everything was normal. :/

        ESR Bld Qn Westrgrn 4.0 mm/hr
        Rheumatoid fact Ser-aCnc <10
        CRP SerPl-mCnc <0.30
        cCP IgG Ser-aCnc <8.0
        ANA Ser Ql Negative
        HLA-B27 Bld Ql FC Negative

        So, either a perfect storm of toe and knee osteoarthritis, Hip bursitis with tendonitis, and tennis elbow.....or some auto immune thing that will show up someday. Who knows.

        The week long round of meds, plus the cortisone shot did help. Now that I am off everything, I can feel it all again, but it is better.

        So I guess I will start the extra estrogen now and get some rehab exercises from the PT.

        I do still have the other rheumatologist appointment on April 5th.....but honestly.....I don't even know if I want to go. I'm starting to feel like a crazy hypochondriac. Sigh.

        I mean what can they even do at this point? I just cam off a round of pretty good meds....not likely to have a lot of pain or inflammation going on. And all my bloodwork is normal. So what's the point right now?

        1. Hi mamadee, we so hear your frustration. I'm so sorry to read that you've had to endure so much, and have yet to receive any answers. I understand why you may not want to see the rheumatologist at this point, however, if you're still in the dark on what is going on, it may not be a bad idea to see them and see what they have to say. Maybe they can provide you with some much needed information? Just thinking! Whatever you decide to do, please keep us posted. You are so not a crazy hypochondriac...your feelings and experiences are very real and you deserve more answers! Please keep us updated on everything. We're wishing you the best! -Casey, Team

        2. You are not a crazy hypochondriac. I would keep the RA appt, and keep doing so until they find you some definitive answers.

      2. Thank you so much. I think the only reason I wouldn't go is fear of looking foolish, which is just my pride. lol

        If nothing else I can see if I jive with this doctor better and then decide between the two.

        Thanks, guys!

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